Online training Fostering mental resilience in SSC/GBS organisation

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Cena: 1390 zł + 23% VAT
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Training description

Why do people leave organisation? Losing valuable talent is one of the most painful and frustrating costs companies often face. A lot of the time people leave a job because of recurring stressful situations and feeling unsupported at work. As managers and leaders, our responsibility is to provide the right environment for our teams to flourish, to look after the people on our team, minimise tensions and provide the right support to stimulate our people’s wellbeing, productivity, effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Training objectives

The aim of this interactive workshop is for participants to gain practical tools and techniques to recognize, prevent and counteract overwhelm, manage their time, energy and stress more effectively and support their teams in becoming more emotionally and mentally resilient.


Benefits for the participant:
• Gaining a practical toolkit for recognizing & minimizing overwhelm in self and in others;
• Improved communication, management, leadership and negotiation skills;
• Improved mental resilience and stress management abilities;
• Improved confidence and greater ability to manage conflict and conflicting priorities.

Benefits for the organisation:
• More effective, resilient and capable team leaders & managers;
• Improved conflict resolution in teams/ consensus reached more quickly;
• Higher mental resilience and capability in participants contributing to improved retention and employee satisfaction.

Target group

People in middle to senior management positions as well as recently appointed team leaders, who aim to increase effectiveness and resilience in themselves and their teams.


The training is an interactive workshop with emphasis on practical learning and application in the workplace.
The methodology incorporates tools and techniques such as:
• coaching
• case study & role play simulation
• pair work
• individual assignments
• brainstorming sessions
• team work & focus groups
• coaching

Training programme

1. What is Resilience?
• Understanding different components of resilience
• Different resilience thresholds and internal & external triggers to overwhelm

2. Managing The Self.
• Your resilience self-assessment: Where am I now? What does success look like
• Recognising overwhelm and burnout signals in yourself & others (absentiism/leavism/cortisoal & adrenaline stress response)

3. Effective Time Management to Minimise Overwhelm.
• Prioritization & scheduling
• Eisenhower matrix (Urgent/Important)
• Assertiveness / Delegating

4. Building resilience through healthy boundaries.
• Healthy Boundaries with team members and clients
• The power of no & managing expectations
• Defining & fostering work/life balance

5. Managing the Team.
• What’s your team’s resilience level (individual/collective)?
• Identifying strengths and weaknesses
• Communication & the power of open questions
• Building trust in new teams

6. Building resilience through healthy stress response& crisis management.
• Eye of the storm: how to deal with crisis
• Managing change
• When is stress a motivator? Reframing the narrative

7. Your Resilience Action Plan.
• Creating your own resilience action plan (for yourself & your team)
• Receiving organisational support
• The importance of follow up & feedback loops

8. Managing Your Mindset for Success.
• Spheres of Influence: External/Internal
• Practical mindfulness techniques at work: working with breath and visualisation
• Growth Mindset

Also available

In Polish version »

• As a closed training, exclusively for employees of your organisation or centre. 

Organisational Information

Cost: 1390 zł + 23% VAT

Price includes:
• access to the MS Teams platform during the training,
• original electronic training materials,
• certificate.

Each person registered must have a computer or other mobile device with a built-in speaker (optional camera and microphone) and Internet access.

The above-mentioned equipment does not oblige you to share your image, it is needed in order to actively participate in the training.


Timetable: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m
Breaks during the training, to be arranged as needed with the trainer

Do you have any questions?
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wioletta Świercz
tel. (22) 208 21 29 | kom. 504 435 986


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