Online training R2R processes in SSC/GBS operations

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Cena: 1390 zł + 23% VAT
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1. General scope of the R2R process
a) Intangible assets and fixed assets
b) Bad Debts – Write-downs of receivables
c) Inventory valuation and inventory write-downs
d) Cash valuation (calculation of exchange rate differences, calculation of accrual interest)
e) Recognition of changes in capital
f) Calculation and recognition of provisions
g) Valuation of trade liabilities
h) Measurement and recognition of financial assets and liabilities
i) Calculation and recognition of current and deferred tax
j) Short-term and long-term classification of assets and liabilities
k) Reconciliation of intragroup clearing and trading
l) Consolidation package for the purposes of preparing consolidated financial statements
m) Statutory financial statements

2. Reporting
a) Consolidation package
b) Intra-group trading and settlement reconciliations (intercompany)
c) Financial Statements

3. Fixed assets and intangible assets in the light of the Accounting Act and IFRS
a) Basic definitions
b) Principles of recognition and measurement of fixed assets
i) On the date of entry into the records for the first time
ii) Subsequent valuation – as at the next balance sheet date
c) Fixed assets under construction
d) Fixed assets records for tax purposes – cooperation with the tax department
e) Inventory of fixed assets (physical count)
f) Impairment of assets
i) Basic definitions
ii) IFRS and US GAAP regulation
iii) Example on fixed assets and intangible assets
g) Derecognition of a fixed asset
i) Sale
ii) Liquidation
h) New regulations regarding lease contracts in US GAAP and IFRS after 01.01.2019.
i) New definitions
ii) Financial and operating leases after changes
iii) Identify industries for which the impact will be significant
iv) Example of lease settlement after changes

4. Calculation and recognition of deferred tax:
a) Reasons for determining deferred tax
b) Temporary and permanent differences
c) Regulations of the Accounting Act together with the National Accounting Standard No. 2
d) IAS 12 Income Tax
e) Examples of positive and negative transient differences
f) Deferred tax determination methods
g) Case study

5. Other topics:
a) Differences
b) Write-downs of receivables (O2C)
c) Inventory valuation and inventory write-downs (P2P)
d) Calculation and recognition of provisions (P2P)
e) Valuation of trade and service liabilities (P2P)
f) Short-term and long-term classification of assets and liabilities


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Cost: 1390 zł + 23% VAT

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Timetable: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m
Breaks during the training, to be arranged as needed with the trainer

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