Module 4 Inventory management – a course dedicated to SSC/GBS

Cena: 1490 PLN + 23% VAT

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Cena: 1490 PLN + 23% VAT
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For whom

Employees of AP, AR, GL departments employed in SSC/GBS

Scope of training

1. Recording of finished products in actual production cost

2. Recording of finished products in standard prices
a) adoption of appropriate stock standard prices,
b) determining of actual production cost,
c) recording of differences between actual and stock standard prices,
d) reconciliation of deviations from between actual and stock standard prices.

3. Valuation of release of goods from the warehouse
a) valuation of inventory using FIFO/ LIFO/ average weighted methods

4. Reconciliation of general ledger with auxiliary ledgers
a) discussion on reconciliation process on examples with particular regard to the reconciliation of the stock module to the general ledger.

5. Inventory write-offs
a) reasons for write-offs recognition.
b) how to calculate an inventory write-off and book in the general ledger.
c) tools used for calculating inventory write-offs:
• detailed analysis of inventory positions.
• analysis of system reports – ageing/ rotation of inventory.

6. Complaints regarding products sold
a) replacement of defective products,
b) return of the defective product and withdrawal of the buyer from the sale contract,
c) transfer of the defective product from the store to the finished products warehouse,
d) complaints regarding products sold in the preceeding periods,
e) revenue adjustment methods/ rules,
f) cost of goods sold adjustment methods/ rules.

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Also available

In Polish version.

• As a closed training, exclusively for employees of your organisation or centre. 

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Price: 1490 PLN + 23% VAT

The price includes:

• participation in classes
• teaching materials
• coffee breaks
• lunch
• training completion certificate

Time and place of classes

Place of classes: the center of the above-mentioned city

Time of classes: between 10:00 and 15:30

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