Online training VAT in the accounting processes in Spain

Cena: 1490 zł + 23% VAT

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Czas trwania: 1 day
Cena: 1490 zł + 23% VAT
Szczegółowy plan
Training objective

Reinforce knowledge of Spanish VAT: The training aims to strengthen the foundational understanding of the tax among attendees who may not be VAT experts. By revisiting key concepts and rules, participants will develop a solid grasp of the fundamental principles of Spanish VAT.
Explain Compliance Obligations: Attendees will gain insight into the compliance obligations related to Spanish VAT (303 forms, 349 forms, Intrastat, SII, etc.) through practical examples and discussions.


The training will employ a combination of theory and practical teaching methods to engage participants actively. Each theoretical block will be followed by interactive quizzes to assess understanding and reinforce learning.
Practical examples and case studies will be incorporated throughout the training to illustrate how VAT rules apply in real-life scenarios. Attendees will have the opportunity to analyze and discuss these examples, enhancing their understanding of the concepts.
Participants will also be able to raise queries in order to clarify issues they may face when dealing with Spanish VAT compliance obligations in their positions.

Lecturer’s profile

The training will be led by a Spanish expert – a VAT advisor with a 14 years of practical experience in indirect taxation and involvement in conducting trainings.

Training programme/merit agenda

1. VAT basic concepts.

2. Deliveries of goods.

3. Supplies of services.

4. Tax point.

5. Taxable base.

6. Tax rates.

7. Overview on special regimes.

8. VAT deductibility.

9. Input VAT recovery procedures.

10. Registration and formal obligations.

11. VAT return details.

12. Invoicing.

13. SII.

14. Penalties, disclosure procedures and audits.

15. Specific cases to be discussed.

Also available

• As a closed training, exclusively for employees of your organisation or centre. 

Organisational Information

Cost: 1490 zł + 23% VAT

Price includes:
• access to the MS Teams platform during the training,
• original electronic training materials,
• certificate.

Each person registered must have a computer or other mobile device with a built-in speaker (optional camera and microphone) and Internet access.

The above-mentioned equipment does not oblige you to share your image, it is needed in order to actively participate in the training.


Time/schedule Overall time – 6h

Materials will be provided after the training (presentation, quizzed with the correct answers) 8:30 – start of log-in by participants 9:00-15:00 – training breaks during the training, to be arranged as needed with the trainer

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