Online training Module 1 – Fixed assets – training dedicated to SSC/GBS

Cena: 1390 PLN + 23% VAT

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Cena: 1390 PLN + 23% VAT
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For whom

Employees of AP, AR, GL areas employed in GBS/BPO.

Scope of training

1. Legal regulations relating to fixed assets, including tax regulations

2. Initial valuation of fixed assets

3. Amortisation and depreciation of fixed assets

4. Investment property – specification and valuation methods

5. Impairment of fixed assets

6. Leasing of fixed assets including classification and evidence (in accordance with ifrs)

7. Other topics related to fixed assets in use:
a) distinguishing between investment purchases of purchasing cost – after the initial recognition,
b) detachment / attachment of additional peripheral parts fixed assets,
c) impairment of fixed assets – impairment estimation process,
d) liquidation of fixed assets and investments in 3rd party assets.

*Programme protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Copying, reproduction and use of part or all of the information, programmes contained in the ADN Academy’s offer in electronic or other form without the author’s permission is prohibited.

Also available

In Polish version.

• As a closed training, exclusively for employees of your organisation or centre. 


Price: 1390 PLN + 23% VAT

The price includes:

• access to the platform during the training
• original training materials
• certificate

Each registered person must have a computer or other mobile device with a built-in loudspeaker (optionally a camera and a microphone) and Internet access.

The above-mentioned equipment does not oblige you to share your image, it is needed to be able to actively participate in the training.

Training schedule

Time of classes: between 10:00 and 15:30

The day before the training, the participant will receive training materials in electronic form 9:30 – start logging in by Participants 10:00 – lecture part one 11:30 – 15-minute break 11:45 – lecture part two 13:15 – 30-minute break 13:45 – lecture part three 15:30 – end of the training, answers to questions from the participants, chat / audio

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