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Cena: 990 PLN + 23% VAT
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Main lecturers

Bartłomiej Nita – holds his Ph.D. in economics and financial management and works as an associate professor in the Institute of Accounting in the Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance at the Wroclaw University of Economics. He also studied finance and accounting at the University of Limerick in Ireland. He co-operates with a consulting firm, where he delivers advisory services for various companies and institutions. He is the author of many economic studies and restructuring programs for enterprises and institutions as well as he deals with corporate valuations for the purposes of ownership transformation and the Economic Court. In practice, he designs systems of controlling, accounting and financial management. He is also a business coach, and as a trainer explains complex issues in a clear and understandable manner with passion and commitment. In order to enhance his training competences he graduated from the School of Tutors. He delivered training programs for several Polish and foreign businesses, including Polish Telecommunication, Metsa Tissue, Axel Springer, Latex, POCH Polish Chemical Reagents, Martifer. He is also the lecturer at Executive MBA Program in Poland (Warsaw Business School) and abroad. He published more than 100 scientific academic papers and several books.

Tomasz Wnuk-Pel PhD – assistant professor at The Accounting Department of University of Łódź (PhD in 1997); scholarship at The University of Northumbria at Newcastle (1992-1993); doctoral studies at The Management Faculty of University of Łódź (1993-1997); scholarship at The University of Glasgow (1995); studies at The University of Glasgow (2001); Vice-President of T.G. RaFiB Sp. z o.o., a consulting company which for the last 19 years has been specializing in design and implementation of innovative systems of cost accounting and controlling. Author and co-author of designs of cost accounting systems and management accounting at: ZPC „Jutrzenka” SA, „Energopol – 7” Poznań SA, FOTA SA, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. and many others. Author of in-house, often multi-stage courses embracing innovative methods of cost accounting and management accounting for: PKO BP SA, TVP SA, TP SA, Coca-Cola Beverages Sp. z o.o., ORACLE SA, MULTIBANK SA, TUIR WARTA SA, KPMG Sp. z o.o. Certified lecturer of Advanced Certificate in Marketing run under the supervision of Certified Institute of Marketing (UK); lecturer of a programme run under the supervision of Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (UK); Head of Postgraduate Studies in Management Accounting and Controlling at The University of Łódź; management accounting lecturer at MBA studies. Author and co-author of numerous books and articles e.g. Zarządzanie rentownością. Budżetowanie i kontrola. Activity Based Costing/Management, T. Wnuk-Pel, DIFIN 2006; Rachunek kosztów i rachunkowość zarządcza, I. Sobańska (red.), J. Czarnecki, T. Wnuk-Pel, CH BECK 2003; Controlling w praktyce, Z. Leszczyński, T. Wnuk-Pel, ODDiK 2004 and many others.

Target audience

Employees who work in finance departments, accountants, controllers, managers at all levels in organizational hierarchy and everyone who is in the subject.

Objectives of the training

After completing the training participants will be able to:
• deal with advanced financial analysis ex ante,
• interpret financial performance of a company,
• estimate additional sources of funding needed,
• assess corporate value creation,
• explain the concept of economic value added in practice,
• analyze drivers of maket value added.

Schedule of the training

1. MasterLogistics Case – customer profitability analysis with the use of Activity-Based Costing
(identifying resources, resources costs and drivers; identifying activities and allocating resources costs to activities; identifying activity drivers and allocating activities costs to customers; use of Activity-Based Costing to analyze customer profitability; making customer decisions based on Activity-Based Costing).

2. KFS Case – corporate valuation and vaue-based management
(claims on corporate value, estimation of value of operations, intrinsic value of equity, market value added (MVA), constant and non-constant valuation models, horizon value estimation, MVA and value drivers, impact of growth on MVA).

3. SEC Case – Prospective Financial Analysis
(financial planning, Additional Funds Needed (AFN) formula, factors determining additional financing, estimation of required external financing, forecasted financial staements).


Organizational information

Price: 990 PLN + 23% VAT

Price includes:
• participation in classes
• copyright course materials
• certificate

Time of classes

Between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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